Gold Jewelry
Our selection of 14k gold jewelry includes designs in garnet, ruby, tourmaline, citrine, Mexican fire opal, peridot, emerald, blue topaz, sapphire, amethyst, opal, diamond, tanzanite, and more. This page will give you but an example of the sorts of items we carry and the variety that we have. From artisan-crafted necklaces to masterfully precise inlay rings, we have something for everyone.

Please call for availability and current price. We are always happy to help with your phone order or inquiry!


14K Gold Moonstone Ring

This lovely ring has diamond accents and a gorgeous moonstone which has a white shimmer named after the glorious light from the moon. Size 6.


Aquamarine and Gold Bracelet

This stunner is 14k gold with an 18k gold wash for a bright finish and features three aqua beads on a triple strand chain with stations of diagonal cubes. Approximately 7".\


18k Gold Bib

This stunning necklace is 18k Yellow Gold, hand soldered bead chain. In back it has an adjustable tail to let you pick your desired length between 15"-17". Also available in white or rose gold, please call for availability and pricing.



Butterfly Bracelet

A lovely hinged bangle with satin finish filigree against high polished edges. It has a delicate look but is sturdy enough for everyday wear. Average wrist size.


Rose Gold Engagement Set
This 14K Rose gold Ring has architectural pizzazz. Flat, squared bottom prevents rolling. The lovely CZ is artfully perched and secured. Size 6 1/2.

Matching Diamond Band
.25 TWD set in 18K White gold, this ring also has a flat bottom to prevent rolling.


Diamond Fabric

A feat in craftsmanship, these hand soldered 18K rose gold earrings are like no other. They drape and move with the turn of your head and feel like liquid metal. This pair is approximately 3.5", they also come in a smaller size of 2.5", available in white and yellow gold, call for availability and pricing.



Salt Rimmed Margarita Studs

Blue Zircon Studs set in white gold, has .14 TWD

Spessartite Garnet Studs set in yellow gold, has .11 TWD

Both sets are stunning with how they sparkle and add that little touch of color!

Suspended Shape Earrings

An optical illusion that is pure genius in earring design. The top button has an integrated suspension system that allows the drops to swing side to side. With 18k White and Yellow gold and .39 TWD these earrings speak for themselves.


Rose Gold Fringe Necklace

Hand soldered bead chain in 18K Rose Gold. This piece moves and feels like soft fabric. Has an adjustable tail letting you choose your ideal length between 15"-17". Also available in White and Yellow Gold, call for current availability and pricing.


Men's Rings Galore

Top Left: Turquoise set in 14K Yellow Gold, a bold piece. Size 10 1/2. $2800

Bottom Left: Gold In Quartz set in 14k Yellow Gold with .34 TWD. Size 11. $3295

Top Right: Rich blue Lapis set in 14K Yellow Gold with .14 TWD. Size 11. $1995

Bottom Right: Onyx with a .18 center Diamond, Another bold ring set in 14k Yellow Gold. Size 10 1/2. $4500


A staff favorite, these 18K White and Yellow Gold earrings define your earlobes as art objects. Has .38 TWD.


Rose Gold Morganite

This pendant is simply lovely with the combination of 14K Rose Gold and morganite. Also has .19 TWD

Rose Gold Chain

This 14K Rose Gold chain is 18" and has .69 TWD

Juicy Peridot Ring

This Stunning piece of Peridot is set in 14K White Gold and is a size 7. This ring is simple yet has that bold pop of color in this almost juicy green.



Carved Floral Band

This feminine band has been carved and cast in luxurious 18K yellow gold. Beautiful accent diamonds totaling .08ct tw create scintillating sparkle. Available for custom order in any size; shown in size 7.


Rare Gem Silica Chrysocolla Ring
This ring is set in 18K Yellow Gold with .37 TWD that wrap around the ring in a very thoughtful design. Size 6.

Native American Ring
A great color combination made up of Turquoise, Sugilite, and accents of red coral. Set in 14K Yellow Gold this piece is unique.

Luscious Green Tourmaline Pendant

This beautiful tourmaline has been bezel set in 18K yellow gold and features a .04ct tw accent diamond. This pendant's large bail makes it a stunning addition to your gold omega or collar. Stone weighs 3.96 carats.


Glowing Blue Moonstone Ring

This ring is a true gem; a stunning blue moonstone is set into 18K yellow gold. Small two point diamonds accent the real star of the show - the jaw dropping blue moonstone. Size 7.


Ruffle Obi Earrings

A feat in craftsmanship, these hand soldered 18K yellow gold earrings are like no other. Like a ruffle on the finest garment, these earrings drape perfectly.


Birdcage Earrings

These earrings hang in a roll and are simply stunning on the ear. This pair is 18k Yellow Gold hand soldered bead chain. Truly a work of art. Also available in rose and white gold, call for pricing and availability.

Yellow Gold $785
Rose Gold $695


Black Onyx Interlocking Earrings

Marquise shaped rings in carved black onyx and rich 14K yellow gold complement each other to create a luscious dangle earring.


Smoky Teardrops

These delectable earrings feature 18K yellow gold and over 17 carats of rich smoky quartz. Perfect with fall colors and neutrals, these gemstones stand out in a crowd!



Sleeping Beauty Hoops

These 14k earrings have been inlaid with beautifully clear Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Elongated hoop styling, with a hinge for easy on and off.


Bi-Color Tourmaline Pendant

This beautiful watermelon tourmaline pendant is set in 14K yellow gold and features a lovely gradient from pink to green. Tourmaline beads are also available in lengths from 18" to 24".

$980 (pendant), $110 (18" beads)

Amber and Pearl Multistrand Necklace

Three delicious strands of citrine, golden bronze pearls, and amber come together to create this stunning 14k Gold confection. The golden amber tones of this necklace suit anyone who looks good in brown, orange, and gold tones.


Leafy Rhodolite Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is crafted from 14k yellow gold and gorgeous raspberry color rhodolite garnet. An extender chain is built in to the bracelet to accommodate a variety of wrist sizes.


'Shades of Green' Dangles

These stunning dangle earrings are crafted in 18k yellow gold and feature prasiolite, green tourmaline, and peridot. The stones combine to weigh in at a whopping 15.5 carats total weight. Gemmy and delicious!


Australian Opal Bracelet in White Gold

This 14k Gold bracelet is inlaid with grade XX Australian opal and has a total of 1.61ct in diamonds. Hinged bangle styling gives a touch of added security to this elegant yet colorful bracelet.