Nellie Bly II proudly presents...
Diane Geoghegan

Geoghegan (pronounced "gay-gan"), a 30 year resident of Jerome, Arizona, is continually inspired by dramatic lighting and natural landscape. Her work has spanned many mediums, including oil and prismacolor, though her recent concentration is in watercolor. Respecting the medium's tendency towards transparent color washes and gradations, she creates accurate yet stylized representations of the landscape that motivated her to move to the Southwest, as well as highly evocative figure portraits.

Geoghegan has achieved signature status in numerous watercolor associations, including the National Watercolor Society ( Her work has been featured in over 25 national shows.

To learn more about Diane Geoghegan or to see more of her work please go to:

Emily at Window, watercolor, 28" x 20"

The Persistence of Love, watercolor, 39" x 27"

Escalante, watercolor, 20" x 28"

Marble Canyon, watercolor, 23" x 19"

Spider Rock, watercolor, 27" x 19"

Bryce, watercolor, 23" x 32"

Butterflies, oil on canvas 34" x 51"

Roses, oil on canvas 34" x 51"

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